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Apart from fabrics under Royaltex, we sell other fabrics under different brands. Contact us to see fabrics under these brands.


1. 45W55P 225g Valetin

2. 45W55P 380g Zebra Stripe

3. 45W55P 215g Fancy 


1. 45W55P 212g Valetin with Stripe

2. 50W50P 260-290g Stripe

3. 40W30P30V 386g Serge


1. 60W40P 280g Valetin with Stripe

2. 100W 250g black Valetin

3. 60W40P 220g Valetin

4. 50W50P 260g Shark Skin

5. 50W50P 225g Venetian 

6. 45W55P 220g Prince of Wales Check

7. 45W55P 225g Valetin

8. 45W55P 220g Valetin

9. 50W50P 255g Herringbone

10. 50W50P 260 Serge

11. 40W60P 314g Venetian

12. 20W50P30V 395g Serge

13. 45W55P 220g Mohair Design


1. 100W 370g Gaberdine

2. 45W55P 260g Valetin


1. 70W30P 350g Worsted Flannel 

2. 70W30V 355g Worsted Flannel

3. 100W 385g Venetian

4. 60W40P 280g Valetin

5. 45w55p 350g Hopsack

6. 30W70p 300g Valetin

7. 75P25V 275g Valetin

8. 50W50P 340g Birds Eye

9. 100W 360g Bird's Eye

10. 70W30V 355g Prince of Wales Check

11. 70W30V 360g Stripe

12. 50W50P 320g Herringbone

13. 45W55P 310g Herringbone

14. 50W50P 265g Stripe

15. 45W55P 325g Stripe

16. 70W30V 620g Woolen Fabric

17. 60W40V 420g Jacketing

18. 100W Valetin (John Foster)

19. 50% Cashmere 40% Wool 10%Nylon 400g-550g 

20. Others

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